National Teaching Fellowship Scheme

Celebrating outstanding individual impact

The National Teaching Fellowship (NTF) scheme celebrates and recognises individuals who have made an outstanding impact on student outcomes and the teaching profession in higher education.

The award has been running since 2000 and there are now more than 815 National Teaching Fellows, with up to 55 individuals receiving the award each year. On gaining the award, fellows play an ongoing role in enhancing teaching and learning within their institution, the HE sector and further afield.

The scheme is organised and run by the Higher Education Academy.

Applications and nominations

Each academic year, the University is invited to nominate up to three colleagues to be considered for awards, and operates an internal application process in order to select its nominees. Institutions are encouraged to consider the full diversity of academic and professional roles which support the student learning experience - there are no fixed categories of nomination and no minimum experience requirements.  Details regarding the 2018 nominations are provided by the HEA.

Anne Phillips awarded a National Teaching Fellowship by the Higher Education Academy

Congratulations to Anne Phillips, Senior Lecturer in Diabetes Care in the Department of Health Sciences, who has been awarded National Teaching Fellow status by the Higher Education Academy.  This prestigious award recognises excellence and outstanding achievement in learning and teaching in higher education.  Read more.






  • Annie Trapp
    Department of Psychology




  • John Issitt
    Department of Educational Studies

  • Robert Partridge
    Careers Service/Student Skills Development Unit