Vice-Chancellor's Teaching Awards 2016

Congratulations to colleagues who have been awarded Vice-Chancellor's Teaching Awards this year.  The scheme recognises and rewards colleagues (academics, learning support staff, teaching 'teams' and postgraduates/postdocs who teach) who demonstrate excellence in teaching and/or learning support at York.

The panel, chaired by John Robinson, Pro-Vice Chancellor for Teaching, Learning and Students, was looking for three key qualities:

  • Evidence of sustained excellence across a range of teaching/support activities and over a reasonable period of time;
  • A creative approach to teaching and/or learning support, focused on student learning needs;
  • Evidence that nominees make an impact on colleagues as well as students.

16 awards were made from a field of 28 applications, and will be presented at this summer's graduation ceremonies.

Sara Perry, Lecturer, Department of Archaeology: "for her engaging teaching across a wide range of undergraduate and postgraduate modules; her impressive, creative use of technology in a wide range of modules; and her impact on learning and teaching initiatives, sharing best practice in technology within the department and the wider community".

Claire Hughes, Lecturer, Department of Environment: "for the excellent and positive student feedback over a wide range of modules; how her students know what is expected of them throughout the programme; for being a true leader, a strong, thoughtful and innovative teacher; and the active role she is taking in curriculum design and rolling out the pedagogy".

Tom Cantrell, Lecturer, TFTV: "for the impact he has made in the department, addressing issues and leading the way on NSS improvements; for his introduction of innovtive and creative approaches to the demanding and complex Theatre modules; as well as focusing on students' employability skills".

Angela Hodge, Reader, Department of Biology: "for the thoughtful and reflective approach she takes to her teaching; the significant and positive impact on her colleagues; the creative use of VLE for engaging her students; and for the excellent and consistently high student feedback scores she receives".

Alison O'Byrne, Lecturer, Department of English and Related Literature: "for her influential innovative teaching at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels, and for the excellent student comments and feedback scores; her ongoing development of innovative modules; and for the influence she has had on her colleagues, sharing best practice on effective feedback and resources with peers".

Alex Brown, Associate Lecturer, Centre for Lifelong Learning: "for his sustained excellent commitment to the Centre, and his involvement in its wider activities, including programme design, mentoring and the widening participation agenda; the interdisciplinary approach he takes to his programmes; and his stimulating and imaginative methods of teaching".

Beth Jefferies, Professor, Department of Psychology:"for her innovative initiatives in curriculum design; her excellent teaching across a broad range of undergraduate and postgraduate levels with high student scores and positive evaluation comments; and for the impact she has on colleagues within and beyond the Department".

Duncan Petrie, Professor, TFTV: "for the positive student feedback and evaluations he receives on his teaching by maximising the student experience using a variety of resources and techniques; his creative use of media via the VLE and the practical elements he has introduced to his courses; and the impact he has had on his Department, mentoring new staff and PGWTs".

David Pugh, Associate Lecturer, Department of Chemistry: "for his creative curriculum design, teaching and management; the impact he has in his Department - responding to the needs of research-active staff - and beyond; the development of new practices; and the strong and influential pastoral role he undertakes".

Sue Bowden, Professor, Department of Economics and Related Studies: "for her high quality teaching across a range of contemporary and innovative modules, along with excellent student evaluation and NSS scores; for being a passionate and enthusiastic member of the Department, engaging with, and responding to students; and acting as a mentor to her colleagues".

Samarthia Thankappan, Senior Lecturer, Department of Environment: "for her highly creative and excellent research-based teaching across a broad range of levels, and for her interdisciplinary teaching; for her pioneering work in e-submission and e-marking, which have been highlighted as a VLE case study; for her involvement with the widening participation agenda; and for her activities in the Centre for Lifelong Learning".

Michelle Alexander, Lecturer, Department of Archaeology: "for her sustained creative and innovative teaching across a broad range of levels, resulting in high feedback scores; the large oversight role she has in the Department and the support she gives to PGWTs; and for her impact on the wider community, by developing on-line teaching and learning support material for staff".

Christopher Hughes, Senior Lecturer, Department of Mathematics: "for his excellent teaching over a broad range of levels resulting in consistenly high student feedback; for his design of engaging, innovative and stimulating course material; his involvement in the video capture trial; his active engagement with teaching and learning, widening participation and outreach events; and now also working beyond the Department, with his involvement with YLTA".

Laurence Etherington, Lecturer, York Law School: "for his excellent research informed teaching with great potential for student learning and employability, resulting in consistently positive student feedback over a sustained time; his multi-model learning approaches to modules; and for the support and advice he gives to colleagues".

Tom Fitton, PGWT, Department of Archaeology: "for his creative, skillful and enthusiastic teaching, adopting a responsive approach to the needs of students, resulting in consistent excellent student feedback; and for the impact he has in his department, taking on extra responsibilities in times of need".

Samuel Thompson, PGWT, Department of Physics: "for his consistently high performance in all elements of PGWT teaching; his responsiveness to student needs, issues and concerns; consideration of his students and subject matter and his work to ensure learning happens; and for the impact he has made in the Department including his input into teaching away days".