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Graduate Teaching Assistants (GTAs)

Postgraduate research students who support student learning at the University of York are referred to as Graduate Teaching Assistants (GTAs).  The University believes that the learning experience of its prospective and taught students can be enhanced by the contribution made by properly trained and supported GTAs.  The University recognises a duty of care to its taught students and to its GTAs and through the implementation of the University Policy on GTAs, the University aims to protect and support both parties, ensuring an excellent experience for all concerned.

A revised policy on GTAs is in place which includes the responsibilities of departments and GTAs, the nature of GTA work, recruitment and selection, training and supervision, continuing professional development, representation and integration into the academic community, and the GTA as a postgraduate research student.

University Policy on GTAs 2018 (PDF , 1,071kb)

GTAs are employed as temporary and casual workers and for further information on employment issues (including right to work checks, payment etc) departments should consult Human Resources.


Rates of pay for GTAs have been established and must be used.

Generic GTA job advert template (MS Word , 18kb)

Prior to starting work as a GTA, a GTA must have undertaken the University's Introduction to Learning and Teaching course and training provided by the department where they will be working (see Policy on GTAs for more detail).  GTAs can also access a suite of centrally provided courses for continuing professional development purposes.

Good Practice
Find out about good practice for GTA training and support.

For further information, please contact Juliet James, Academic Quality Officer, Academic Support Office