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Designing in evaluation

When evaluation is ‘designed in’, it is not seen as a static one-off process but as a core component of the development cycle:

Design – Deliver – Evaluate – Review


  • Specify aims and design activities, resources and tools to best target these aims
  • Develop VLE site and in-person activities
  • Engage in testing and peer-review


  • Provide induction and socialisation activities, support and sustain participation in module activities, and focus learning on the module outcomes and assessments


  • Take steps at key stages to understand the student learning experience in order to achieve the goals of your evaluation process
  • Triangulate


  • Use evaluation data to reflect on key aspects of design and delivery of the module.
  • Redesign as appropriate

Whether the module is being run the first time or it has run many times, this cycle continues to inform improvement.  It will inform potential new approaches such as introducing interactive tasks, group activities, feedback approaches, tools, or forms of assessment and allow you to specifically evaluate how well the methods match the intended learning objectives.