‌SoTL Journal Club

The SoTL Journal Club is designed to engage colleagues with key and emerging evidence-based and philosophically influential pedagogical literature.

The Journal Club is held regularly and focuses on a close reading of selected published research / scholarship into learning and teaching which is discussed and critiqued. The aim is to both evaluate the robustness of the research itself and the methodology chosen, and to consider its relevance for our own teaching practice. Attendees comprise a mix of academic, teaching and professional support staff with a shared interest in developing an informed awareness of the evidence base for good educational practice.

Upcoming events

Upcoming events

Please book a place/register interest in attending by emailing academic-practice@york.ac.uk

Wednesday 11 December 2019

'Mind the Gap?  Relations between Higher Education Studies and Discipline-Based Research'

 Available on Wordpress
Monday 3 February 2020

A Hidden Sustainability Curriculum? Engaging students in learning about and for sustainability   

Available on Wordpress
Monday 16 March 2020

Details to follow

Monday 18 May 2020

Details to follow

Tuesday 23 June 2020 Details to follow  

Sessions run between 12.30pm and 2pm with lunch provided. Briefings for the Journal Club are posted on our Wordpress site. Copies of the readings are shared through Paperpile, which you can set up using the instructions in our Subject Guide.  

Past events

Past events

DateTitleBriefings and Reports
4 Nov 2019 The Hidden Curriculum: A conceptual framework for inclusivity, equality and social justice in Higher Education? 

Briefing available on Wordpress

June 2019 Teaching and learning in a world which has "had enough of experts"? WordPress
May 2019

Mathematics in the disciplines at the transition to university

Briefing on WordPress, articles on Paperpile
April 2019

Lecture attendance and student performance - a key factor for predicting success? 

Briefing on WordPress, article on Paperpile
February 2019

From Duality to Criticality? Helping Students through the Perry Scheme of Intellectual Development

December 2018

Student evaluation of modules for improved teaching-learning effectiveness 

October 2018

From monologue to dialogue: improving written feedback processes in mass higher education

June 2018

Separating the Individual from the Herd: Assessing Process and Product in Student Group Work

May 2018

Integration or isolation: Chinese students' social integration into the university community

February 2018

Equality or Quality? Developing an inclusive pedagogy in Higher Education

December 2017

Lecture Capture: Perspectives on its use, reception, and future direction

Oct 2017

Cause and Effect: Do student-centred learning environments lead to deep approaches to learning?

June 2017

Thinking in Higher Education

May 2017

Teaching in a Post-Truth World, or What Critical Pedagogy can do for us

March 2017

High Impact Practice: Improving Student Learning

February 2017

Making Life Difficult:  Testing to Improve Learning

January 2017

Occluded Genres: Rethinking student writing in Higher Education

November 2016

Getting stuck: On threshold concepts

July 2016

Learning that lasts? The Alverno model and evaluating graduate outcomes

May 2016 Student reflection, our reflection: Considering peer feedback and action research Wordpress
March 2016 Student engagement Wordpress
January 2016 Try, try and try again: what scope is there in Higher Education for learning from getting things wrong? Wordpress
December 2015 What is Deep Learning? Part 2: Critique Wordpress
November 2015 What is Deep Learning? Part 1: Seminal texts Wordpress

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