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Programme Leadership and the Programme Leaders Course

‌This course is specifically designed to support individuals appointed to the role of programme leader in academic departments.  The course will focus on curriculum design and organisation at programme level, on learning and teaching approaches for which there is evidence of learning gain, and on developing leadership and management skills. It is intended to equip leaders with the evidence-based pedagogical knowledge and insight to drive forward inspiring and sustainable programme development, aligned to, and supporting the implementation of, the aims and principles of the York Pedagogy.

The Programme Leaders Course does not carry academic credit, although participation can be used by individuals seeking Higher Education Academy Senior Fellowship through the York Professional and Academic Development scheme (YPAD).

Programme leadership

Programme leadership is one of the five essential and integral principles underpinning the York Pedagogy. All staff who teach should contribute to the design of learning and teaching, but for every programme of study there should be a named individual who has primary responsibility for the programme as experienced by students. Every programme will have a single leader, although a single person can lead more than one programme. The programme leader will be a departmental appointment and should be supported in their role by a programme team comprising appropriate teaching and support staff.

The programme leader will be invested with the authority to fulfil responsibilities in the following areas:

  • overall programme design;
  • ongoing programme design, maintenance and improvement;
  • monitoring of the programme in operation;
  • coordination of the programme team.

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