Scholarship of Teaching and Learning Network

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‌The Scholarship of Teaching and Learning Network (SoTLN) brings together a suite of resources, professional development, discussion and dissemination opportunities focused upon looking at teaching and student learning in a scholarly and research-orientated way. 

The current range of activities organised under the Network are described by clicking on the boxes below.  Any member of University of York staff interested in engaging with learning and teaching as a scholarly and evidence-informed practice is welcome to participate and contribute.  Please email for further information.

SoTL Seminars

Organised on the model of a ‘journal club’ the SoTL Seminars are designed to engage colleagues with key and emerging evidence-based and philosophically influential pedagogical literature.

York SoTL Journal‌

The York SoTL Journal provides a mechanism for the dissemination of learning and teaching research undertaken by University of York staff to the York teaching community. 

Doing SoTL

'Doing SoTL' aims to support colleagues in undertaking their own scholarly enquiries into learning and teaching, offering both support and the opportunity to present their findings to colleagues. 


SOTL Resources

The SoTL Resource pages provide a range of materials related to the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning Network specifically and the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning generally.