Co-ordinating Group for Supplementary Programmes


Terms of reference

  1. To act as a forum for the supplementary programme areas, facilitating the exchange of information and discussion of issues of common interest and concern
  2. To promote effective collaboration and quality assurance practices within the supplementary programme areas, in particular through the sharing of good practice
  3. To consider the practical needs of the supplementary programme areas (e.g. in relation to teaching accommodation, staffing etc), referring matters, where appropriate, to committees and offices within the University
  4. To consider matters referred to it by bodies within the University and to report to Teaching Committee
  5. To promote equality of opportunity across the areas represented


Membership and constituency

  • The Chair of Teaching Committee, Pro-Vice-Chancellor for Teaching, Learning and Students (Chair)
    • Professor John Robinson
      Vice-Chancellor's Office
  • Head of Lifelong Learning
    • Mr Iain Barr
      External Relations
  • Teaching & Learning Manager
    • Ms Susan Halfpenny
      Information Directorate (ALL's, Library and IT Training for student teams)
  • Chair of Language Executive (LFA)
    • Ms Cathy Dantec
      Language and Linguistic Science
  • Strategic Project Manager
    • Mr Andrew Ferguson 
      Careers and Placements, Student and Academic Services
  • Head of Academic Practice (PGCAP)
    • Dr Duncan Jackson
      Academic Support Office
  • Learning and Management Development
    • Ms Susan Kane
      Assistant HR Director; Leardership and Learning & Development
  • Head of Learning Enhancement
    • Ms Cecilia Lowe
      Academic Support Office
  • Head of Continuing Professional Development
    • Ms Anna Hastie
      Research and Enterprise
  • Head of York Courses
    • Mr Matt Smelt-Webb
      Centre for Global Programmes
  • Director of the the International Pathway College
    • Dr Matthew Perry
  • Director, Research Excellence Training Team
    • Dr Karen Clegg
      Research and Enterprise
  • One undergraduate representative
    • Giang Nguyen
      Academic Affairs Officer, YUSU
  • One postgraduate representative (nominated by the Graduate Students' Association)
    • Charlotte Chamberlain
      Postgraduate Academic Vice-President, GSA


Meeting dates 

  • Monday 1 July 2019 from 14.00-16.00 in H/G09 (Heslington Hall)
  • Monday 9 December 2019 from 13.00-15.00 in H/G09 (Heslington Hall)
  • Monday 6 July 2020 from 14.00-16.00 in H/HG09 (Heslington Hall)


Who to contact