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  1. Using the filter controls below, choose your criteria. You can search by team, job title, York department, name of the examiner, or email. You can also use a combination of those search fields - searching by department then title, for example. 
  2. If you want only one of the available results, hover over it and wait until the grey 'ONLY' box appears, then click on it. You can also choose a combination of results by clicking first on an 'ONLY' box and then clicking on whichever other results you want to include. The search terms are in a very small font; when you hover over them with your mouse they will enlarge. You can enlarge the entire list by going to full screen on the bottom right of the page.
  3. If you want to download the report, over over the area at the right edge of the question field. Three dots will appear: click on them and it will give you options for downloading a .csv file.