Distance learning peer observation programme

The Director of the E-learning Development Team, Richard Walker (richard.walker@york.ac.uk), under the auspices of the University's Distance Learning Forum, coordinates a peer observation programme for distance learning tutors. If you are interested, please consult the following:


Past and future participants in the scheme may be interested in the following papers:

Cross-institutional peer observation by online tutors: Sharing practice 'outside the family'.  Richard Walker and Dianne Forbes

Peer observation for online distance learning tutors: creating the conditions for effective peer exchange, Richard Walker

Peer observation for distance learning e-tutors: evaluation of a cross-programme trial scheme, Richard Walker and Kevin Hall

Video from John Gray's talk to the Distance Learning Forum, Summer 2015, reflecting on his exchange with Dr Dianne Forbes from the Faculty of Education at Waikato

 Promotional video by Jane Lund and Richard Walker

 Recorded presentation by Dr Richard Walker on the key outcomes from the 2015 Waikato-York peer observation exchange


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