Students concentrating in a lecture (Image: John Houlihan)

2010 Annual Learning and Teaching Conference

Making connections: The future of learning and teaching at the University of York

The aim of our conference was to explore how we can maintain the most valued elements of the learning and teaching community at York, whilst also ensuring that the University remains at the forefront of higher education provision.

Building positive connections between our past and our future, between the University and the outside world, between ourselves and our students as colleagues, and between our many different disciplines, are the challenges we face.

The conference was an opportunity to showcase projects that are addressing these challenges, to share practice about connections which we already have and to discuss the value of connections we have yet to make.

Keynote lecture

2010 conference workshop sessions

  • Internationalisation
  • Outreach
  • Learning outside the classroom
  • Interdisciplinary learning and teaching

For more information on these workshops including related files for downloads, see 2010 workshops.