Students working in a shared study area (Image: John Houlihan)

2009 Annual Learning and Teaching Conference

Critical thinking and academic skills

In order to achieve their full potential, our students need to develop detailed knowledge of their chosen discipline; mature, critical skills; and an open, self-disciplined approach to learning.

This conference considered how our teaching can support this development in terms of integrating skills and knowledge, addressing skills deficits and providing the best critical foundation for lifelong learning.

Keynote lecture

    John Cowan is a Visiting Professor at Napier University and Emeritus Professor of Learning Development at the Open University

2009 Conference workshop sessions

  • Problem based learning in practice
  • The beauty of ideas, deep learning and student engagement
  • Problem based learning and group work
  • The evidence debate
  • Introducing students to university study

For more information on these workshops including related files for downloads, see 2009 Workshops.