Far away yet so close? Designing and supporting student work on placements

Monday 25 June 2018, 12.30PM to 14.00

Speaker(s): Thomas Jochum-Critchley and Nadine Saupe, Assoicate Lecturers in German, Department of Language and Linguistic Science

Placement learning is becoming prominent feature of undergraduate programmes at our university. The challenges for curriculum design, such as its alignment with programme learning outcomes, effective preparation and support of students’ placement learning are an exciting opportunity to explore new and innovative ways of engaging students in making the most of their experience away from York.

In this interactive workshop, we want to share our approach to designing and supporting student work whilst on placement abroad. We created a framework to prepare, support and assess project work students undertook whilst on placement abroad. The student projects were informed by ethnography and included the collection of primary data. We also created a number of support channels including communication on social media to explore effective ways of communicating with students on placement. We hope that our suggestions for a successful integration of placement learning into conventional programmes will be useful for colleagues across the university.

As we will use padlet to facilitate collaboration and interaction in the workshop, we kindly ask you to bring your portable devices (smart phone, tablet, laptop etc.). We would also encourage all interested attendees to sign up to padlet (if not already a user) as this will save time on the day.

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Location: H/G17, Heslington Hall, Campus West

Admission: Tea and coffee will be available from 12.15; please feel free to bring your own lunch