'the Workshop' workshop

Friday 29 January 2016, 12.45PM to 2.15pm

Speaker(s): Celine Kingman, Film & Television Production, and Jenny Gibbons, York Law School


What do we mean by ‘workshopping an idea’ or ‘to do a workshop?’   For some it is seen as the cornerstone of experiential learning, and even at the heart of their discipline or practice, for others it is a term not used at all.   Workshops, seminars, labs or practicals, what really distinguishes them, what assumptions lie behind them, how do they help learning?   Though they may mean different things according to our subjects or module design, they arguably all connect to the ‘doing’ element of the University Pedagogy, in terms of how students apply themselves and demonstrate ‘what they are able to do.’   

Please join Celine and Jenny to explore the concept of 'the Workshop', and contribute to the discussion and discover what we can all learn from re-examining ‘the Workshop’.

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Location: Room LMB/023, Law Management Building, Heslington east