Criticality: One of the most important skills or qualities we can teach our students

Tuesday 16 February 2016, 9.00AM to 12.30pm

Speaker(s): Cecilia Lowe, Learning Enhancement, Academic Support Office

What is the most important skill or quality we can teach our students?

The answer from most colleagues is likely to be criticality - or critical thinking. However, despite valuing a critical approach so highly, we rarely set aside time to discuss what we mean by criticality and how we develop this quality in our students.

In this workshop, staff will have a chance to discuss criticality and how we can provide an environment which supports our students’ development – from first years to postgraduate taught level – in terms of their critical awareness skills.

When: Tuesday 16 February (week 7), 9.00am-12:30 pm
Where: LFA/144 (25 places available for this event)
Facilitator: Cecilia Lowe, Learning Enhancement, Academic Support Office

This is an open workshop, but places are limited to 25.  Booking will help us manage the event.

If you wish to attend, please use our online booking system at:

Location: LFA/144, Harry Fairhurst Building