One size does not fit all: ensuring all students reach their potential

Wednesday 10 June 2015, 9.15AM to 5.00pm

Speaker(s): Professor Christine Hockings, University of Wolverhampton


L&T conference poster guidance 2015 (PDF  , 199kb)


Confirmed keynote speaker: Professor Christine Hockings, University of Wolverhampton

Students come to the University of York with different expectations, different learning styles, different needs, and different ambitions. It is essential to enable these students to benefit from our research-led teaching, our outstanding student support, and the opportunities for personal and academic fulfilment.

The conference will explore the implications of diversifying delivery of programmes and how students are engaged during their studies and supported in the process of achieving their potential. A key theme will be the way in which programme design can address the range of student ability and levels of student engagement. It will also explore the use of personalised learning approaches within module teaching.

This year's Learning and Teaching Conference provides an opportunity to reflect on how best to do this, through teaching style, lecture content, lecture format, and the provision of offline material, providing an opportunity for sharing best practice across disciplines.

The University aims to promote its commitment to equality, inclusivity and diversity and how this is understood in broad terms. The conference will also focus on these perspectives and the ways in which inclusivity and diversity can be integrated into the curricula and teaching.

Key themes will include:
• use of personalised learning approaches within teaching
• ensuring fairness / enabling unimpeded learning by students from diverse backgrounds
• dealing with a range of student ability and levels of student engagement
• embedding training for students on appropriate conduct
• addressing unconscious bias within our teaching
• addressing diversity and promoting inclusivity through module content
• examples of good practice relating to PGWT activities which successfully address individual
student learning styles
• the meaning, nature and implications of inclusivity and diversity in higher education

2014 feedback 

The conference, organised by the Learning and Teaching Forum, will provide an excellent opportunity to exchange ideas, and to celebrate and disseminate good practice in learning and teaching. 

What delegates said about our 2014 'Thinking outside the module box' conference:

"Lots to think about.  Varied but coherent programme.  Real sense of energy and enquiry"

"Keynote was excellent, really brilliant opportunity to meet others working in the university and afar"

"I think I might have some better ways of encouraging students to reflect and to help them engage, which I want to try out"

"I have gained a lot in terms of understanding institutional priorities and sharing ideas"

"The poster session was an excellent opportunity to see the diverse projects going on elsewhere and a reminder that there are useful resources outside of my own department who are willing to offer advice and support"

"The keynote speech was fascinating and gave me food for thought"

"Probably the best keynote I've ever been to!"

Location: Exhibition Centre