Assessing Collaborative Learning

Tuesday 13 October 2015, 9.15AM to 12.30pm

Speaker(s): Cecilia Lowe and Tamlyn Ryan, Learning Enhancement Team, and Wayne Britcliffe, E-Learning Development Team, Academic Support Office

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Across many different departments, students comment in the NSS that engaging in group projects and tasks has been both their most positive learning experience at University and their least.  This dichotomy may be the result of students enjoying the challenge and complexity of working collaboratively – but then perceiving group assessment to be unfair and inequitable.

This workshop will be a chance for us to consider the types of collaborative qualities we would like our graduate to possess; to then have a go at mapping the development of those qualities progressively across a programme; and then to discuss how we can design fair and equitable assessment of those qualities to acknowledge our students achievement.

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Location: HG17, Heslington Hall