Accessibility statement

Information on the accessibility of campus 

This page provides information on the following facilities on campus. 


Building codes and room numbering

This is a guide to the University Building Codes and room numbering format.

Cash points

There are accessible cash points at the banks in Heslington village, James College and in Market Square. 


Security staff are on duty 24 hours a day to help in emergencies and provide information. Reception desks are equipped with first aid boxes and porters can arrange appropriate medical help.

Food outlets

Food outlets on campus are signposted clearly and college dining rooms and snack bars are accessible from ground level. Nisa supermarkets in Market Square and Kimberlow Hill are also accessible.

The most easily accessible catering facilities are in Vanbrugh College,  Roger Kirk Centre,   LibraryPiazza Building and Ron Cooke Hub.

The King's Manor Refectory is on the first floor but accessible by lift. 

If you have any special dietary requirements and/or food allergies please contact Commercial Services on

Hearing loops

Approved meeting and teaching rooms on campus

These are rooms with a hearing loop that has been tested and endorsed by members of staff with hearing loss. Additional equipment may also be required where a room layout has been changed from its default. For example, extra microphones, if a seminar room is changed to boardroom style for a meeting.

In addition, the approved rooms, with the exception of K/133, are also wheelchair accessible. 

Other rooms on campus

In addition the following rooms on campus have been tested and endorsed by members of staff with hearing loss as being suitable for meetings as they have good lighting and acoustics but no hearing loops or microphones.   These are also wheelchair accessible.

* These rooms can be booked during vacations. 

+ Recommend booking additional Revolabs microphones from the Audio Visual Centre for meetings.

Information about hearing loops on campus is available on the Audio Visual Centre webpages (login required). 

It may also be possible to utilise some teaching spaces on campus for meetings with advice and assistance from the Audio Visual Centre.

Information Technology and online services

Lecture and seminar rooms

The Audio Visual Centre provides information about the facilities available in lecture or seminar rooms (login required).  For further assistance, they can be contacted on extension 4500 or 

University Library and Borthwick Institute of Archives

The University Library provides accessibility information for users and the Borthwick Institute for Archives has information on  the accessibility of their reading rooms and collections.

York Sports

York Sports has an Access Guide for the Sports Village on East Campus. You can contact them if you have any specific accessibility needs.

Reporting access issues on campus

Access issues on campus can be reported to Estates Services using the online Facilities Helpdesk (login required).

If the issue is urgent you can contact the Facilities Helpdesk by phone on 01904 32 5555 or email