Sciences Research Administrators Forum (SciRAF)

Social Sciences Research Administrators Forum (SocSciRAF)

The Sciences Research Administrators Forum (SciRAF) and the Social Sciences Research Administrators Forum (SocSciRAF) are research support discussion groups at Faculty level which meet informally in order to support

  • undertaking joint initiatives to support the growth of relevant research income streams;
  • learning from colleagues on implementing new approaches locally;
  • raising Faculty-specific issues for consideration;
  • sharing good practice in supporting research development specific to the disciplinary context.

The current focus is on research development and pre-award support relevant to the disciplinary coverage, although a broader, more Faculty-focused remit may emergeas Faculty governance and staffing matures.



Departmental research facilitators, research development managers and other research administrators (centrally and locally) who have an interest in the group's business.

Other colleagues (including the Associate Dean, Research) may be invited according to the topic(s) to be discussed.

Who to Contact



Mandy Kenyon

Faculty Research Manager



Helen Wells

Research Development Manager- Social Sciences