Research Priming Fund Committee

Terms of Reference

Research Priming Fund Committee

The RPF Committee is responsible for the allocation of the Research Priming Fund. The Fund is divided into a number of funding streams to support different types of activity, as follows: 

  • Research Pump-Priming - supports novel projects which have the aim of investigating the viability of hypotheses, feasibility of techniques and/or the development of collaborative relationships in order that a sustainable avenue of research may be started or expanded.
  • Visitors - in place to help bring collaborators to the University for the purpose of research priming or achieving research impact.
  • Strategic Capital Purchase - for the purchase of strategically important capital equipment for research.

Terms of Reference

  1. To determine the principle purpose of the funds, including the setting of priorities if applicable
  2. To ensure that the application process is clear and appropriate
  3. To set the criteria for the selection
  4. To ensure that funds are allocated in a fair and transparent manner
  5. To decide upon the recipients of funding
  6. To review the progress of projects funded via awards under its control
  7. To consider the use and allocation of any additional sources of funding, internal or external, that should become available on an ad hoc basis


The RPF Committee is a sub-committee of University Research Committee, to which it will report its actions on at least an annual basis.


Constituency of membership

OfficeMembership statusMembership 2016-17 

Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Research) (Chair)


Professor Deborah Smith

Associate Dean (Research), Sciences


Professor Colin Brown

Associate Dean (Research), Social Sciences


Professor Matthew Festenstein

Associate Dean (Research), Arts & Humanities


Dr Kate Giles (Acting Associate Dean)

 At least five additional reviewers per funding round, drawn from the academic membership of University Research Committee, taking into account the subject spread of the applications and the importance of avoiding conflicts of interest

As nominated by the Chair

Details of academic membership of URC for 2016/17



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