Research Grants and Contracts System Project


The core project objectives are to:

  • procure and implement a research management and administration system
  • replace the pFACT costing tool (which is nearing end of life)
  • firmly embed the new system in the pre-award grant application process, revising business process as required

This major project will help the University implement its new research strategy, enable research administrators to spend more time on value added activities in support of academic staff, and support any future changes in organisational structure and the location of grant related responsibilities.

All updates about the project will be published on the project blog:

The Project Team & Board

The project sponsor is Professor Debbie Smith, PVC-R, who chairs the project board (which is made up of senior representatives and managers at the University with an interest in this project).

Project team members are:

David Hudson, Research Grants and Contracts, who is the key business lead and subject matter expert.
Hannah Smith, IT Services, who is a business analyst.
David Barrett, IT Services, who is a project manager.

If you wish to contact the project team please email: