‌Finding funding

The Research Administrators in your department are the first point of contact for identifying funding opportunities. 

There are a huge range of research funding opportunities, including:

  • research councils within the UK;
  • philanthropic funders and University donors; 
  • European and International funding sources; and
  • regional, national and international companies.

The Research Development Team engage with research funders, partners, users and beneficiaries to understand their requirements and are a good source of insight into funder preferences. The Team coordinate and manage projects and applications of institutional importance or where there is a wide interdisciplinary scope. 

The University subscribes to Research Professional, and the Directory of Social Change's Trust funding guide which a large, searchable database of funding opportunities.

The Office of Philanthropic Partnerships and Alumni (OPPA) can identify charitable trusts, foundations and corporate donors who may be interested in funding your project. 

The International Relations Office can assist in identifying international and in-country funding opportunities.  

Click the links in the boxes below to find further information relating to these activities and who to contact. 

Identify potential sources of funding to match existing research ideas

Further information

Key contacts

The first point of contact should be the Research Administrators in your home department.

Rachel Curwen

Rachel Curwen 
Senior Research Development Manager
01904 435124

Eszter Papp 70 x 70

Eszter Papp
Head, EU Research and Development Team
01904 567938

Jess Hendon

Jess Hendon 
Research Development Manager, and GCRF contact
01904 567952

 Paul Tyack 70 x 70

Paul Tyack
Head of Institutional Philanthropy
01904 324486

Hilary Layton

Hilary Layton
Director of Internationalisation
01904 324462

Philip Morris

Philip Morris 
Senior Research Development Manager, Arts and Humanities
01904 328093

The RGC team are organised by funder and can answer questions of eligibility.