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COVID-19 research response - funded projects, expertise and opportunities

Funded research across the world

As the research response to COVID-19 gathers momentum and funders commission new projects, many researchers are looking to fill research gaps and collaborate. The interactive Project Tracker, developed by UKCDR and GloPID-R, provides a live database of funded research projects from around the world mapped against WHO priorities.

Get involved

Despite the widespread disruption to our research activities, we know that many of you are already contributing towards the COVID-19 response.

We are keen to know what is happening and to support you in whatever way we can. Opportunities to pledge your expertise to the global effort are listed below, along with a very short survey aimed at finding out who is signed up and/or already active.

Complete the COVID-19 Expertise Pledges and Activities survey

Crowdfight COVID-19

An initiative from the scientific community to put all available resources at the service of the fight against COVID-19.

Aim: Put the wider scientific community at the service of COVID-19 research.

Context: There is now a huge pool of highly skilled scientists, willing to volunteer their time and expertise for this cause. This goes from virologists who don't have the resources to get directly involved with COVID-19 to researchers in other disciplines, such as bioinformatics, image analysis and artificial intelligence. This is a huge resource, the "bottleneck" being coordination.

Proposal: This is a service for COVID-19 researchers. Researchers only need to state a wish or a task, which can go from a simple time-intensive task to be performed (eg transcribe data, manually annotate images), to answering a technical question which is beyond their expertise, or to setting up a collaboration. They only need to explain their request in a few lines. Then, another scientist makes the effort of understanding that request and making it reality.

Action required: Visit website and either request help or pledge expertise

University of York Contact: Ana MacIntosh, Department of Computer Science.


Parliament Knowledge Exchange Unit COVID-19 Outbreak Expert Database

In this rapidly evolving situation, Parliament needs quick access to researchers who can provide expert insights relating to both Coronavirus and its impacts.

Context: Parliament and Parliamentarians use researcher’s insights to help carry out their function effectively; that is to say, to represent the people, scrutinise the Government, debate important and pressing issues and pass legislation.

Proposal: To speed up the process of Parliament accessing relevant research expertise, Parliament’s Knowledge Exchange Unit (KEU) are creating a COVID-19 Outbreak Expert Database.

Action required: If you feel you have any expertise relating to the COVID-19 outbreak or its impacts, the KEU would be very grateful if you would sign up to the database. Signing up does not commit you to contributing in any way, it’s simply so that Parliament has your details to hand and can contact you very rapidly; if they contact you and you aren’t able to respond, they will fully understand.

University of York contact: Chris Hewson, Social Sciences Impact Manager.

Add your details to the COVID-19 Outbreak Expert Database

Department of Health and Social Care and informing COVID-19 policy with fast-response projects

Add your expertise to the database of individuals that can contribute to DHSC policy via a University of York programme.

Context: Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) requires rapid response research to inform policy on COVID-19 (as distinct from clinical research into vaccines, diagnostics etc.). One route for this is through the fast-response policy analysis facility (PREPARE) which is led from Health Sciences (jointly with the King’s Fund).

DHSC may contact York researchers directly with requests, but is also willing to consider ideas for useful projects that could be offered by research teams.

If you have the capacity to offer research skills and expertise which might contribute to DHSC policy, please sign up using the Google form to help us create a database of relevant and willing expertise. If you have suggestions for rapid response research - particularly small and timely projects of direct policy relevance, please contact Karen Bloor in the first instance.

Univerity of York contact: Karen Bloor, Health and Wellbeing Research Champion.

Complete the COVID-19 Expertise Pledges and Activities survey