Business Development Team Services

The Business Development Team work with academic staff to develop and undertake knowledge exchange and impact activities and to derive social, including commercial, benefit from existing research. Services from this team are often provided over a prolonged period of close collaboration with the staff member and are dependent on their needs and the needs of the wider department and potential external partners. 

Idea generation and testing

  • Design and deliver a variety of meetings and events to enable academic staff to develop ideas for projects and new collaborations.
  • Carry out market assessments and establish business cases to assess the potential of new ideas for end-users.
  • Fund proof of concept activities to enable demonstration of a technology or idea.
  • Work closely with the IPL Team, to protect Intellectual Property (IP) for use in the public, private and third sectors.

Attracting funding, partners and investment

  • Provide training, personally or through external organisations, to equip staff with the skills required to pitch ideas to potential investors.
  • Identify internal and external translational research funds for knowledge exchange activities, and provide expert advice and critique applications to increase the chances of success.
  • Identify and engage partners to develop existing knowledge transfer ideas through collaboration. 

Turning ideas into practice

  • Identify the best mechanism or vehicle to enable knowledge exchange with external organisations e.g. spin-out, policy advice, commercial licensing, consultancy, Knowledge Transfer Partnerships and provide expert advice and guidance to realise these opportunities. 
  • In collaboration with external partners, prepare applications for Innovate UK translational funding, provide reports on the progress of funded projects and financial forecasts of expenditure to ensure compliance with funding terms. 
  • Represent the University of spin-out Boards and advisory boards of commercially-focused University centres.