Research Grants and Contracts Services

The RGC section provides administrative support, authorisation and financial control to academic staff for all research grants and contracts from initial application through to closure of live awards. The team is organised by funder and is a vital source of expertise to ensure your research grant has the best possible chance of success.

Assessing and authorising research funding applications (Pre-Award)

  • Provide experienced insights into funder expectations, through processing on average 1000 applications a year and attending significant funder events, to help improve chances of application success.
  • Assess every research application against funder guidelines to reduce the likelihood of automatic disqualification.
  • Assess every research application against guidelines to ensure costs and risks to the University and the Principal Investigator (PI) have been considered.
  • Confirm compliance with University grant submission policy and submit research funding applications.

Award management (Post-Award)

  • Activate research projects to enable access to the awarded funds. This requires liaison with Investigators, funders, partner organisations and other support services regarding negotiation of contracts, approval of job adverts, and activation of award with the funder and the University’s accounting system.
  • Manage grant finances on behalf of the University, PI and funder to ensure compliance with contract terms and conditions. This includes: submitting financial claims, processing claims from collaborators, organising audits and generating financial reports and project closure.
  • Guidance and clarification for the PI concerning policy around critical project issues including: staffing, equipment procurement and collaborator relationships to ensure continued compliance with funder conditions.

Research Grants and Contracts Service Definition (MS Word  , 24kb)