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Our economic, social and cultural impact

Posted on 9 January 2019

A newly published report shows that we can be proud of the benefits the University brings to our local, national and global communities.

We asked London Economics - one of Europe's leading specialist economics and policy consultants - to examine what economic, social and cultural benefits we provide locally and nationally. They examined the impact of students entering the University in the academic year 2016/17 - both during their studies and their expected longer-term impact post-graduation - and assessed that the total economic benefit of all our activities to the UK economy was over £1.8 billion.

This includes:

  • £537.1 million: impact of the University's research activity
  • £487.9 million: impact of teaching and learning
  • £93.1 million: export income generated by international students
  • £702.2 million: impact of expenditure by the University and its students - with £603.5 million of this occurring in the Yorkshire and Humber region

Our impact isn't just economic. The education that we provide leaves our alumni equipped to make progress in their own careers, and to make an impact on the world around them. The opportunities that we offer to the local community include our award-winning Festival of Ideas, YorkTalks, and many public lectures and guest speaker events.

Find more detail and read the full report: