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Help us to create change!

Posted on 18 October 2019

Our first York Unlimited Giving Day will support life-changing, world-changing initiatives at York. Find out how you can get involved.

York Unlimited Giving Day

Giving Day is part of our York Unlimited fundraising campaign and takes place on Wednesday 6 and Thursday 7 November when we’ll be asking staff, students, alumni, businesses and the community to help us create change.

Every penny counts, and all donations are welcome, but there are lots of ways that you can get involved and help us to make a success of this event.

Help us unlock more donations!

Some of our donors have offered to match donations £ for £, or to give more when we reach a specific target - so even small gifts can make a big difference:

  • York Opportunity Scholarships: two US alumni will match every £1 given up to £4,115, and will give an extra £4,115 once we receive 25 donations from international alumni to this fund.
  • York Futures Scholarships: alumni Alan Eynon will match every £1 given up to £2,310.
  • Mentally Fit York: University Council Member Philip Carpenter will match every £1 given up to £2,500. He’ll also give an additional £2,500 challenge gift if we receive 50 donations to this fund from our students and staff.
  • Mental Health Nursing Scholarships: TSYS Payment Solutions will match every £1 given to the Mental Health Nursing Scholarship fund up to £6,000.

Our causes

The York Unlimited campaign prioritises four causes, with two main themes.

Enabling every student to shine

  • York Opportunity Scholarships, to recognise the extreme barriers that some have to overcome to access a University education
  • York Futures Scholarships, to develop students into world-class graduates regardless of their socio-economic circumstances

Find out more about our scholarships, and how they will enable every student at York to shine.

Transforming mental health

  • Mentally Fit York, which will fund on the ground initiatives to improve mental health, as well as the latest groundbreaking mental health research taking place at York
  • Mental Health Nursing Scholarships, to support mental health nursing students as they undertake mandatory unpaid training placements

Find out how these initiatives will transform mental health at York and beyond.

How you can help

Right now, you can get involved in three ways:

Your support in the run up to Giving Day, as well as on the day itself, is vital in helping us achieve some incredible things for our students and for the wider community. Please help us today, and join us as we countdown to 6 and 7 November!