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Campus to put single use coffee-cups on trial

Posted on 26 November 2019

The latest sustainability campaign at the University of York will see disposable plastic-lined cups removed from four catering outlets across campus.

As part of a trial running from January to July 2020, each of the four outlets will replace disposable coffee cups with reusable cups and crockery. Customers will have the options of bringing their own cups or joining the YORCUP scheme for takeaway drinks, or enjoying their drinks inside the outlets in traditional crockery.

The trial will be taking place at Derwent Cafe, Glasshouse, Hub Cafe and Vedge.


In 2018, campus outlets issued 380,000 single-use coffee cups. Several sustainability projects from the University of York, YCL Commercial Services and YUSU Commercial Services has seen the number reduced to 307,500 so far this year.

This latest announcement marks the next step in an ongoing effort to eliminate single-use plastics from campus.

Jo Hossell, Campus Services Engagement Officer at the University of York, said: "The University has taken some major steps to improve its sustainability practices and is now working to develop a long term strategy to build on this progress.


"YORCUP is a brilliant initiative for engaging our staff and students in how their actions can contribute to these goals, in this case by reducing waste.

"The reduction in waste from people's use of YORCUPS illustrates how small steps can collectively make a huge impact."

Find out more about our sustainability projects and the YORCUP scheme.