How to comply with the financial regulations

This list is to help all staff better understand the Financial Regulations and how to comply with them.

Buying Goods and Services

Staff must ensure:

  • Purchase orders are raised via YEP and provided to suppliers before we accept their invoices;
  • Invoices are sent straight to Accounts Payable – NOT to individual Departments;
  • The supplier is set up on YEP before placing a purchase order;
  • Preferred suppliers are used where they have been appointed;
  • Tendering and quotation rules are followed before placing a purchase order;
  • Goods & services are receipted on YEP so invoices can be matched to a purchase order before being paid.

Claiming Expenses

Expense claims should:

  • Demonstrate that they relate to University activities;
  • Be against valid work orders;
  • Be submitted within three months of the expense being incurred;
  • Be authorised by the relevant manager;
  • Contain a valid staff or student number;
  • Contain itemised transactions for credit card statements;
  • Deduct a spouse or partner’s fair share of hotel, travel, meals, etc.; and
  • Unspent funds or advances should be returned within one month of attending the event.

Receiving Money

Staff should:

  • Obtain a valid purchase order number before starting work for a customer;
  • Record purchase order number on any invoices issued for that work;
  • Request credit notes as soon as they are aware that invoices were issued incorrectly; and
  • Ensure the income is coded correctly;
  • Use the cash office to bank cash and cheques received as soon as possible;
  • Ensure SITS is up-to-date with student leavers, new starters, etc. so that we can bill and collect fees accurately and on time; and
  • Ensure the correct VAT code is used on a paying-in form.


Staff should ensure:

  • All right-to-work checks are completed prior to starting work
  • Timesheets and overtime claim forms are correctly authorised; and
  • Payroll deadlines are met so staff get paid.

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