YEP 2 Project

We are migrating the current York E-Purchase (YEP) solution used for buying goods and services to Agresso.

The basic business process for buying i.e. requisition, purchase order and receipting once goods arrive - remains the same.  

The approval workflow for authorisation of orders is changing to more accurately reflect where the funds are being provided from to buy things.

The project is already underway and a ‘live’ date for the change is provisionally scheduled for November 2019. The entire University will change technology on the same day.


The current YEP technology provided by Science Warehouse is now obsolete and is being withdrawn - so if we don’t make this change, YEP will stop working and we will no longer be able to buy goods and services.

Additionally, our unique customised set up of Agresso and YEP causes serious issues with our supplier invoice process and is very inefficient with maintaining the two technologies alongside each other.

Other than ensuring ‘business as usual’ can continue we are trying to:

  • Simplify the experience for staff when buying goods and services - only one system (Agresso) to login into and enter data
  • Provide improvements in purchasing functionality that were not possible in YEP by using standard Agresso functionality
  • Reduce the number of systems staff have to use and learn by co-locating purchasing tasks in Agresso with other financial processes in Agresso
  • Make the administration of the University’s purchasing system more efficient and responsive to future needs (e.g. only one request for new user access needed, not two)
  • Resolve the current issues with supplier invoices where goods have not been receipted - which cause significant extra work for systems teams, Accounts Payable and departments
  • Put the University in a similar position to other Universities so that it can actively participate in sector user groups
  • Ensure basic principles of simplicity, consistency, flexibility, efficiency and accountability are in place
  • Rod Peet, Deputy Finance Director, is Project Sponsor
  • Rob Hunt, Head of Procurement, is Business Lead
  • Darren Geary is Project Manager
  • Nicola Meenan is Business Analyst  

We have a Project Board that includes representation from academic and support departments and detailed work is being undertaken by a project team including Procurement and IT Services (Enterprise Systems including Finance Systems). 

The project also has a user group, formed using the Expenses project one as a starting point, with appropriate additions and removals. There is an extensive range of departments that the project team are working with.

In addition all departments will have a ‘lead’ contact arranged, usually the Department Manager or the equivalent in a support department).

Further project updates will be provided via the usual Finance shared services bulletin.

The project team are working with the YEP2 user group to get feedback on the proposed changes and what the new purchasing process will look like in Agresso.

Upcoming work with the wider University is likely to include:

  • A ‘pulse’ survey to assess the current process
  • Provision of a project web page
  • Establishing a project ‘lead’ for each department
  • Department briefings
  • A training programme for the new Agresso technology (classroom and e-learning)
  • Further communication activities on the change closer to the live date

How can I find out more?

If you have any questions or would like further information, please email