York e-Purchase (YEP)

The YEP system is used by staff in all departments to easily create purchase orders for their day-to-day purchasing requirements. 

Login to YEP

You must be registered on the system to be able to raise/approve requisitions.

If you need to add any workorders to your account please put in a request via Authorised Systems Registration and the Agresso Support office will add them to your user profile.

Find out more about our ongoing YEP2 project.


We run regular training sessions throughout the year which all YEP users are welcome to attend. They can be booked by emailing fm-systems@york.ac.uk. All sessions will also be advertised on this page as well as through the YEP users mailing list to which you are automatically added when you register as a YEP user.

We are also happy to arrange additional sessions with small teams of users (eg half a dozen new users who all work in the same office). Please contact/email us at fm-systems@york.ac.uk to discuss your requirements.

Training dates:

The next training date will be late January/early February 2020. Date yet to be confirmed.

Adding or updating suppliers in Agresso

Find information about how to add a new supplier to the system or mae changes to an existing one on the Adding or updating suppliers in Agresso page.

Amending/Cancelling an order 

Unfortunately, it's not possible to amend an order in YEP (and orders should never be amended in Agresso as it causes problems for the P2P invoice process). If you have made an error on your order, you will have to cancel it by emailing fm-systems@york.ac.uk and requesting it be closed, you can then raise the correct order. If the order has already gone to the supplier, you will also need to contact them directly to let them know it has been cancelled, and to expect a new order. You can find contact details for catalogue suppliers on the YEP homepage under Browse Suppliers.

To cancel an order, please email fm-systems@york.ac.uk and we will close the order for you. You will need to contact the supplier yourself however, if need be. We do not do that for you.

Mailing list information

All users of the YEP system are automatically subscribed to the 'yep-users' mailing list. This is an announcement-only list that the Procurement Office uses to keep users up to date with information on YEP and related issues. If you wish to stop receiving emails, please contact the Procurement office using the Footprints reporting page.

YEP user forum

Twice a year the Procurement Office host a YEP user forum which all users of YEP are welcome to attend. The forum allows staff to raise issues discuss topics of interest regarding YEP. Details of each event are circulated via the YEP users mailing list.

Support and guidance

Find information and support for using YEP and Agresso on the IT web pages.

Contact us

To contact us in the event of a problem please use the online Footprints reporting page then:

  1. Login with your university username and password.
  2. If prompted select the "FM System Support" project. 
  3. Under the Request Information section, please select "Software" for Problem Category and "York e-Purchase" for Sub Category.
  4. This web form is the best method for reporting problems with the system as it allows the support team to allocate problems to the correct member of staff as appropriate and will ensure you receive the fastest and most accurate response to your enquiry.
  5. If for any reason you experience problems using the web form, please email fm-systems@york.ac.uk. Please ensure you leave the word 'YEP' in the subject of the email.