Preferred suppliers, contracts and agreements

Please follow the steps below to determine whether there is an approved supplier, contract or agreement for the product or service you wish to purchase.

  1. Preferred suppliers
    Below you will find a list of preferred suppliers the University has appointed. The University has agreed preferential prices/terms with preferred suppliers and it is mandatory to use these suppliers for the goods/services they provide. You do not need to seek competitive quotes/tenders (additional rules may apply for EU-funded purchases). If you are purchasing other goods/services, please go to Step 2.
  2. Approved suppliers
    Approved suppliers are those set up and currently available on YEP. They may be used for goods/services not provided by preferred suppliers as they have been used before and have passed a basic credit check. You will need to seek competitive quotes/tenders, Quotation tender process chart guide (PDF , 79kb). However, in most cases, preferential prices/terms have not been agreed with approved suppliers and you should also consider Step 3.
  3. Framework suppliers
    As a member of the North Eastern Universities Purchasing Consortium (NEUPC), we have access to their framework agreements, via HE Contracts, that offer preferential prices/terms. You may use a framework supplier for goods/services not provided by preferred suppliers but please note that they may not currently be available on YEP, (check to see if they're registered), in which case you will need to request them to be set up as a new supplier via the New supplier request form.

Preferred suppliers

Commodity or servicePreferred suppliers
Business travel (rail, flights, hotels) External: NYS, Selective
On-campus catering for meetings and events

Internal: Cucina*

External: Divine Dining, Bells

PCs, laptops, Macs and iPads External: Stone, Getech, Academia (respectively)
UK car hire External: Enterprise
Design and print services Internal: Design & Print Solutions
On-campus conferences and events Internal: York Conferences
Printers and Multi Function Devices Internal: York Print Plus (IT Services)
Temporary Staff Recruitment Internal: University of York Temp Pool

*please note that due to licensing restrictions, only Cucina can provide catering to the areas on campus outlined in the Cucina only locations (MS Word , 14kb) document.