Petty cash guide

The University's petty cash account is maintained by the Finance Department.

Cash floats up to a maximum balance of £300 may be requested by departments to meet minor payments (ie business expenditure).

Departments must use the petty cash reimbursement form: Petty cash reimbursement form (MS Excel , 27kb)

See petty cash safety guidelines: Petty Cash Safety Guidelines (PDF , 96kb)

The following types of expenditure are expressly forbidden

  • Any goods or services which can be purchased using the University’s procurement systems York E-purchase (YEP).
  • Any individual item over £50.
  • Payments of salaries, wages, call-out payments, overtime payments, staff expenses or other ad hoc remuneration.
  • Personal expenditure, loans or advances to employees or students, or for cashing personal cheques.
  • Staff gifts - leaving gifts and cards, birthday gifts and cards, wedding gifts and cards, flowers.
  • Gifts in recognition of performance. Staff performance should be recognised through the approved HR schemes (see HR pages).
  • Gifts gratuities or donations of any nature to external bodies.
  • Payments for non-business use of goods.
  • Any personal expenditure.

Managing Petty Cash

At the end of the financial year, a certificate of the petty cash balance held shall be completed by the member of staff responsible for the float and counter‐signed by the Head of Department or Head of Support service confirming the existence and value of the float.

The cash float must be kept separate from any other cash received in the department. All sums received must be paid in to the Cash Office and accounted for in full, and must not be used to meet miscellaneous departmental expenses or be paid into the departmental petty cash float. Personal or other cheques must not be cashed out of money received on behalf of the University.

It is the responsibility of the department to ensure that cash is kept securely both during and outside business hours.

It is essential that the duties of dispensing cash and authorisation of the claim for reimbursement are not carried out by the same person.

Petty cash queries

If you have any questions about petty cash speak to your departmental finance or administration team.