Adding or updating suppliers in Agresso

The main supplier database is held in Agresso, of these around 1800 are available to use in YEP.

Check whether the supplier you wish to use is registered using the Agresso supplier search:

  • If it says "Flagged for YEP", it means they’re available to use in YEP.
  • If it says "Not flagged for YEP", email and request that they be added to YEP.

If they’re not on at all check with to see if they’re currently closed and then follow either the "Request a new supplier", "Opening a closed supplier" or "Request a one-off supplier" process outlined below. 

Please note: If your supplier is an individual providing a service to the University, you will need to complete the Employment Status Service (ESS) checklist which can be found in the "Self-employment status check" section of our Payroll web pageAn ESS check is not required if the supplier is providing goods rather than services.

For any queries with regards to an existing new supplier request, please email

Request a new supplier

You will need to complete the online supplier request form to add a new supplier to the system.

In order to help you gather the information required, we have created a form you can send to the supplier -  UK supplier information form (MS Word , 14kb) or the Foreign supplier information form (MS Word , 13kb) Use this information to complete the online form.

Opening a closed supplier

Use the online supplier request form and select “Open closed supplier” from the "Request from" dropdown menu. You’ll still need to get bank details etc, as they may have changed since last used, but the approval will be quicker.

Request a one-off supplier

Use the online supplier request form and select “Create new supplier” from the "Request from" dropdown menu. On the next page select "Create a new one-off supplier". You will still need to get bank details etc as these are needed to be able to pay them. Make sure you can’t pay them using a University Purchase Card first.

Changing supplier details

If the supplier's address or bank details need changing, or you need to add an alternative address, email

If you only need to change the supplier's email address, fax number or phone number, email