Finance Department structure

A summary of the teams and contacts in Finance.  A detailed Finance department structure is also provided.

Finance Director

  • Jeremy Lindley, Finance Director
    Polly Salter
    , Administrator and PA to the Director

Deputy Finance Director

  • Rod Peet, Deputy Finance Director
  • Delivers operational financial services to students, the University’s Executive Board, committees and departments and external agencies and stakeholders.
    • These services include: financial decision support for strategic and operational matters, financial reporting and control, procurement, transaction services and specialist advice on tax matters.
  • Rod is also a board member of several University subsidiary companies.
  • Jenne Roantree-Cham, Administrator and PA to the Deputy Director

Finance Shared Services

  • Adrian Murgatroyd, Assistant Director - Finance Shared Services
    • Responsible for delivering and improving transaction services and Accounts Payable, Cash and Fees Office and Payroll.  
  • Payroll - pay all University salaries and wages.
  • Cash and Fees Office - raising all University invoices for tuition fees, research, commercial activity, debt management and day-to-day banking.
  • Accounts Payable - payment of all supplier invoices, student stipends and expense claims. Contact details can be found on the University Expenses page.

Management Accounting

  • Gary Sheen, Assistant Director - Management Accounting
  • Providing financial planning and budgeting support for the annual budget, medium term financial plans (MTP) and quarterly financial forecasts.
  • Takes a business partner role for Academic Departments, Professional Services Directorates and Faculties.
  • Reports on performance including the provision of financial reports, interpretation and advice.

Find information about which Management Accountants oversee each faculty and service and find their contact details on the Management Accounting pages.


  • Rob Hunt, Assistant Director - Procurement
  • Provides support with large or complex tender processes.
  • Provides support for working with external suppliers.
  • For general procurement enquiries contact
  • Rob Hunt, Head of Procurement. Responsible for policy, strategy plus procurement of concessions, IT systems and networks categories. +44 (0)1904 328 201,
  • Donna Lyon, Procurement Category Manager. Responsible for business travel and the procurement of IT office equipment, library, catering, print, telephony and professional services categories. +44 (0)1904 328 207,
  • Rob Allan, Procurement Category Manager. Responsible for the procurement of, estates, energy, construction, horticultural, safety and M&E components categories. +44 (0)1904 328 214,
  • Dom Roebuck, Procurement Category Manager. Responsible for the procurement of laboratory, medical, postal, and facilities management categories including furniture and janitorial. +44 (0)1904 328 211,
  • Ilona Eastham, Procurement Support Manager. Provides general University-wide procurement support and University Purchase Card administrator (, website administrator and data manager. +44 (0)1904 328  203,
  • Rachel Steer - starts Oct 2019 General procurement support and business travel administration. +44 (0)1904 328 202, 
  • Martin Sperring, York E-purchase (YEP) System Administrator. +44(0)1904 328 208,

Accounting Services

Group Financial Accounts

  • Ruth Clark, Group Financial Controller
    • Provides committee reports on financial performance and financial plans
    • Manages the University’s year-end financial statements and annual report
  • The Group Financial Accounts team:
    • Prepares committee reports on financial performance and financial plans;
    • Prepares and reports short and medium term financial planning;
    • Prepares the University's audited financial statements and annual report;
    • Oversees regulatory compliance including reviewing the University’s Financial Regulations, anti-money laundering regulations and fraud reporting;
    • Co-ordinates the risk management process;
    • Prepares and submits of Transparent Approach to Costing (TRAC) Return to report income and spend across the University’s three core activities.

* For general enquiries contact

Companies and Tax Services

  • Michael Slade, Companies and VAT Accountant
  • Companies and Value Added Tax (VAT) accounting services.

Strategic Projects

  • Craig Hannath, Strategic Projects Accountant
    • Developing the University Finance Strategy
    • Finance support for University strategic projects