Information about the University's Annual accounts and guidance about how to correctly raise project codes and work orders. 

Account codes

Please log-in to Unit 4 (Agresso) to browse the list of valid account codes.
To access, select Reports from the menu, then Valid Account Codes in the Account Codes folder. Click search to return the full list of account codes.

Published accounts

You can view the most recent Annual Report and Finance statements on the Corporate publications page.

You can also find previous annual accounts underneath the "Past publications" heading on the Corporate publications page.

Finance Timetable

This Finance Timetable Google Calendar includes Agresso close dates, Financial Report dates and committee meeting dates. 

Raising project codes and work orders

Why project codes and work orders are used

York has many departments and research is a big part of University life. However, the University also: organises studentships (both centrally and departmentally); maintains buildings; arranges workshops; invests in the estates development; collaborates with other international organisations and is given funding for specific projects from councils, government departments, private companies an other universities. These activities have their own income and expenditure.

Every department and cost centre within the University has to record this activity against a project code. Each project code has a budget and, depending on the source of funding, it may have several aspects to the award, fund or grant within the project, which then filters down to becoming work order(s).

Find further information and guidance about raising project codes: Project Code Guidelines (non-research code request)

Project types

View the list of the project types and the responsibility for all balance sheet account codes, ie accruals, balances and prepayments: Project Code Type Guide .

Please note: codes A, F, K, P, T, Y and 9* should no longer be used. 

After reviewing the Project Code Type Guide you will need to contact your relevant Management Accountant.

Requesting new project codes

To request that a project code be created for your department’s activity, complete a‌ Project Code Form (non-research code request).

Find information about the process for creating new project codes: Project Code Creation Process Overview.

Requesting new work orders

To request that a work order be created for your department’s activity, complete a Work Order Form.

Accounting systems

The main University accounting system is Agresso. Find further information about the finance systems on the IT web pages.

Contact us

Group Financial Accounts
Group Financial Accounts, Heslington Hall

Contact us

Group Financial Accounts
Group Financial Accounts, Heslington Hall