Using the logo

The University logo is a key part of our visual identity. It is instantly recognisable. The principal logo should always be used unless there is a constraint on the area you are applying it to.

The logo is available for staff to download in a number of different sizes and formats. If you require the logo in other formats please contact

Using the long logo

In an area that is height restricted you can use the long logo, for example along the barrel of a pen or down the spine of a publication. If you would like to use the long logo, please email

Our name

The University must be referred to as the University of York not York University, to avoid confusion with York University in Canada.

Incorrect modification

The logo must not be modified in any way.

  • Do not stretch or squeeze the logo.
  • Do not substitute the font.
  • Do not use part of the logo.
  • Do not add straplines.
  • Do not adjust the positioning of the elements.
  • Do not encroach on the protection area.


The logo must be positioned at the top right of any printed materials.

Protection areas

To help ensure that the logo is clearly defined and not obscured by any other design element, an exclusion zone has been set up. Nothing should fall within this area.

The exclusion zone is proportional to two stacked ‘U’s taken from the word UNIVERSITY.


Departments, services, centres and groups may not invent their own logo.

Use of other logos

If you are required to include the logo of another organisation on your University of York materials, there are defined placements for these on web pages, stationery and publications. Contact the Visual Identity team for guidance.

  • Other logos should never be bigger than the University of York logo
  • The protection area around the University of York logo must not be encroached upon
  • On business cards, use no more than two logos – any more will make the design messy and cramped.

Who to contact

Logo size

The logo should not be reproduced below 35mm wide in print, or 175 pixels wide on the web.

Minimum sizes in print

  • Minimum 35mm
  • A5 63mm
  • A4 90mm
  • A3 100mm


Download the logo

These downloads are only available to York staff and students. If you do not have a staff or student account, please contact