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Research in Focus

Chauvet cave paintings

Research in Focus aims to demonstrate the variety and strength of research at the University, and to encourage the sharing of ideas and interdisciplinary thinking.

The events take place in the Ron Cooke Hub, and a key aspect of each event is a digital exhibition in the Ron Cooke Hub’s 3Sixty immersive audio-visual space.

The basis of each event is an open lecture, and a 3Sixty digital installation, and, where appropriate, an accompanying photo exhibition (mounted on lightweight board in the Ron Cooke Hub’s Exhibition Room), but there is the flexibility to develop this further in consultation with the Events team. The opening talk is followed by a drinks reception to give the audience an opportunity to view the exhibitions and talk further to the academic researcher(s).

View the interior of the 3Sixty and the Exhibition space

The event can be based on the work of an individual researcher, or on the work of a research group/multiple researchers.

If room availability allows, the exhibition is kept in place for a minimum of two weeks to allow colleagues, and other audiences, to engage with it.

Target audience:

General public, colleagues, research funders, University students, potential research funder/stakeholders


Three events run every academic year.


  • Engaging the general public in your research
  • Opportunity to invite key stakeholders and potential funders to the event
  • A photographic exhibition which you can keep to reuse on other occasions
  • A further budget may be available for supporting material, in consultation with the Events Office
    • For example, one group of researchers commissioned a film of their research which was used in the 3Sixty but also re-used as part of a grant application, and on their recruitment pages (  Another researcher used the budget to create 3D replicas of stone carvings.
    • The opportunity for a more in-depth story on your research to be hosted on the new University research webpages

How to get involved:

We are looking for research that has a very visual element to it so we can create supporting exhibitions to accompany an open lecture.

What we provide:

  • A budget towards the event
  • Help and advice in creating the photographic and 3Sixty presentation
  • Room booking and ticketing through Eventbrite
  • Promotion of the event internally and externally
  • Support on the night of the event, including audio-visual and ticket collection
  • Sending out invites to any personal guests, collaborators or potential funders you want to invite

What is required from you:

  • Preparing a 45-minute talk, to be followed by a 15-minute Q&A
  • Providing a catchy title and abstract for the talk to help with promotion
  • Sourcing images for the photographic event and supporting text.  Please note that the exhibitions should be image-led
  • Ideas for the 3Sixty installation. If discussed well in advance we might be able to do a draft presentation for you
  • Providing a guest list with email addresses for any personal guests, collaborators or potential funders you want to invite


There are not set deadlines to be involved in this event but please note only three events take place each academic year.

The title and abstract must be provided in time for the open lectures leaflet, which will be provided once a date is set for the talk.

Tips for a successful exhibition

Large images, with a small amount of illustrative text, create the most impact in the Exhibition Room space.

The exhibition room is quite large so we recommend around 12 A0 images per exhibition. You may wish to consider the flow of images, and how they best illustrate your research. We can advise on the layout of the room, and also on the required resolution for images to have the best effect - generally the larger and higher-resolution the better.

We shall also work with you to create a 3Sixty digital installation. This will be image-led, and can be accompanied by a sound track (music or speech). Further information on the 3Sixty can be found at

We will also work with you to create an A5 overview of your research to accompany the physical exhibition.


I thought the event on Wednesday night was a great success – thank you! ….. Really it could hardly have gone more smoothly with a big turnout, a great exhibition and lively discussions afterwards, a really well-produced movie in the 3Sixty…
Peter Cowling, Department of Computer Science

…we had a lot of indication (both individually and on the questionnaires) that the narrative really reached out to many people in a fundamental way which is just brilliant - entirely what we were after.
Penny Spikins, Department of Archaeology

I attended the lecture on Monday, and wanted to say what a fantastic event it was.  As a post-grad student I was enormously proud of the University.
University of York MA student

Great audience - some really nice people spoke to me afterwards saying they had never stepped foot in a University before and felt a bit anxious about it ... but they said they had loved it and would be back.
John Schofield, Department of Archaeology

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