Departmental Advisory Boards (DABs)

Key contacts

What is a DAB?

Departmental Advisory Boards (DABs) are advisory boards comprising University staff and external members, such as senior leaders of relevant organisations. A DAB can offer a broader perspective, acting as a critical friend to your Department and providing access to networks and opportunities outside the University.

DABs are an excellent forum for building awareness of sector-wide trends and competition, providing intelligence to inform your Department’s strategy. Your DAB can also be a starting point for engaging with external organisations – for example to arrange collaborative research projects.

How we can help

  • We can guide you through the process of setting up and establishing a DAB.
  • We can suggest potential DAB members from our pool of alumni and friends.
  • We contribute to each DAB’s agenda, attend and participate.
  • External members of a DAB are volunteers, and as such we ‘steward’ (thank and acknowledge) them alongside others who give time or money to the University.

Principles and guidance

For comprehensive information on how to structure and develop a successful DAB, see this document: