Working with companies, trusts and foundations

Key contacts

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What we can help with

The role of the Institutional Philanthropy Team is to secure funding and pro bono support from companies, trusts and foundations. We do this by cultivating long-term relationships with institutions around the world whose interests align with the University's, as well as by responding to open call for proposals.

Services provided

Identifying potential partners

  • Identifying, contacting and building relationships with potential partners.
  • Maintaining access to specialist funder databases and staying up-to-date with global trends in philanthropy.
  • Conducting ethical and reputational background research on funders, including compliance with the University's due diligence process for philanthropic grants (carried out by the OPPA Operations and Experience team).
  • Providing an up-to-date, central point of information on relationships with philanthropic partners.

Approaches and applications

  • Planning, writing and reviewing applications.
  • Providing cover letters from University leadership.
  • Creating and editing budgets.
  • Managing communications with prospective donors and grant funders.
  • Advising on internal processes for planning and submitting applications.
  • Managing funder visits and senior-level meetings.

Grant management, stewardship and reporting

  • Programme implementation and ongoing grant management.
  • Coordinating and reviewing reports to partners and funders.
  • Managing stewardship visits and senior executive-level meetings.
  • Ensuring that signed agreement documents are in place for donations and grants over £5,000 (see the University's Gift Acceptance Policy for further details).

What we do

We work closely with the Research Development Team on the identification of new research projects and will refer you to a Research Development Manager for applications to internal University funding schemes, research councils, other government funders, and quasi-research council donors (e.g. Wellcome Trust, Nuffield Foundation, Leverhulme Trust and the largest medical research charities).

If you are under who to contact for advice on funding, please get in touch and we will help guide you to the most appropriate team.