e-Accessibility Forum

Information, papers and minutes for the E-Accessibility Forum are held here.

Terms of reference

Terms of reference

The e-Accessibility Forum consists of a group of staff and students with responsibility for overseeing the online provision of resources and accessibility issues relevant to staff, students and visitors.

The aim of the Forum is to help ensure that online provision of resources (for teaching/learning, research, administration and knowledge transfer) is accessible by staff, students and visitors with disabilities; meeting the University's Equality Act statutory obligations.

The Forum does this by:

  1. Raising awareness of e-Accessibility issues in the University
  2. Identifying problem areas and seeking solutions
  3. Developing proposals (eg. policy, investment in resources) to improve accessibility
  4. Providing a summary report to the Disability and Accessibility Group and service directors

The Forum will meet once a term and report issues to the Disability and Accessibility Group.



  1. Helen Petrie (Chair), Computer Science
  2. Mike Dunn, Information Services
  3. James Browne, Disability Services
  4. Alex Mcfarlane, Human Resources
  5. Duncan Jackson, Academic Support Office
  6. Richard Walker, E-Learning Development Team
  7. Dan Wiggle, Digital Marketing and Communications
  8. Jo Fletcher, Examinations Office
  9. Alex Wray, Disabled Students Network, University of York Students' Union
  10. Kate Stephenson, Vice-President Wellbeing and Communities, Graduate Students' Association
  11. Linda Brosnan (Secretary), Equality and Diversity Office

Meeting dates

Meeting dates 2016-17

  • Wednesday 19 April 2017 at 10:30


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