Accessibility statement

How we teach

To give you a better idea of some of the topics we cover and teaching styles we use, we will be writing a few case studies and interviewing staff and students about their experience on our courses. Teaching styles and learning activities vary between the programmes, taking into account placements and practice learning for example on the Social Work programmes. Underpinning the modules are lecture series and seminars. In selected modules, additional activities which take place online or in class, offer students more interactive ways to explore the subject. Our first three case studies will look at a field trip, investigation simulation and concepts of social work identity.

Murder Investigation

In this activity, students on the module 'Criminal Justice and Policing' undertake a mock murder investigation. The aim of the activity is to allow students to experience the decision-making processes that police officers have to undertake whilst drawing upon guidance from police manuals, crime surveys and academic articles.

Social Worker Identity

Our first year Social Work students are encouraged to begin to develop their professional identity as a social worker through professional development groups. At the end of the first term, students present their ideas of social work identity in a showcase of creative works.

Student presents his work to others 

Lecturer and students discuss

Students and lecturer prepare for debate