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Why our staff chose their subjects

Staff motivations

Whilst you can view all our staff and their academic backgrounds and publications on our academic staff profile pages, we would like to share here the reasons why our staff decided to study and research their subjects.

Selected lecturers and professors have outlined what got them interested in either social policy or social work. If you're a prospective student, you might find that some of their reasons could be the same as yours.

Professor Jonathan Bradshaw

Jonathan Bradshaw always intended to make an impact in society

Dr Dan Horsfall

Dan Horsfall wanted to find out how decisions that affect populations are made 

Dr John Hudson

John Hudson looks at the interface between politics and social policy

Dr Stuart Lowe

Stuart Lowe looks at the policy process generally and housing in particular

Dr Lisa O'Malley

Lisa O'Malley continues to study the links between crime and place

Dr Carolyn Snell

Carolyn Snell is motivated by social justice and an ability to change policy 

Dr Jenny Threlfall

Jenny Threlfall is a lecturer in social work interested in how to tackle social problems most effectively