Mr Ross Gillard

  • Research Associate

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Areas of Expertise

  • Fuel poverty
  • Climate change and energy policy
  • Environmental justice
  • Governance
  • Low-carbon transitions
  • UK politics
  • International development

Academic Biography

During his MSc in Sustainability at the University of Leeds, Ross worked extensively on energy and social justice. He evaluated improved cookstove projects in Tanzania, and conducted a UK wide study of the lived experience of fuel poor households coping with welfare reforms (supported by a grant from the Chesshire Lehmann Fund).

Since 2014, he has been writing a PhD thesis on the politics and governance of low-carbon transitions. He has published this work in leading academic journals and was nominated for PhD of the year (2016) at the University of Leeds.

Supported by the ESRC Centre for Climate Change Economics and Policy, Ross facilitated a series of workshops with government policymakers and experts to develop policy innovations and ideas for enhancing public engagement with climate and energy governance. Ross is an inter-disciplinary scholar, working on the overlap between social and environmental policy issues at the international, national, and local levels.

Recent Publications


Gillard, R. (2016) Unravelling the United Kingdom’s climate policy consensus: the power of ideas, discourse and institutions. Global Environmental Change, Vol. 40:26-36.

Gillard, R. (2016) Questioning the diffusion of resilience discourses in pursuit of transformational change. Global Environmental Politics, Vol. 16 (1): 13-20.

Gillard, R., Gouldson, A., Paavola, J. and Van Alstine, J. (2016) Transformational responses to climate change: going beyond a systems perspective of mitigation and adaptation. WIREs Climate Change.

Middlemiss, L. and Gillard, R. (2015) Fuel poverty from the bottom-up: Characterising household energy vulnerability through the lived experience of the fuel poor. Energy Research & Social Science, Vol. 6:146-154.

Ross Gillard - Photo by Dom Ennis

Contact details

Mr Ross Gillard
Research Associate

Tel: 01904 32 1272