Dr Meg Huby 

BA (Open), BSc (East Anglia), DPhil (York)

  • Honorary Fellow in Social Policy


Areas of expertise

  • Interactions between social and environmental policy

Academic biography

Meg Huby began her career as a biologist, studying the ecology of coal tips in South Yorkshire and tropical rainforests in South East Asia. Recognising the essential links between environmental and social problems she worked on research projects in politics and economics before finally moving into social policy. She became a lecturer at the University of York in 1992, working to link the ideas of sustainable development with social deprivation and exclusion. Her book ‘Social Policy and the Environment’ was one of the first texts in the field. She has recently developed an environment domain for a Childhood Well-being Index and has led a two-year research project on social and environmental inequalities in rural England (RELU). Since then she has worked on spatial environmental aspects of children’s well-being in England and completed a UNICEF project on poverty and well-being in Georgia. She is now helping to develop statistical methods to compare child poverty in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) and the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS).


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Dr Meg Huby

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Dr Meg Huby
Honorary Fellow in Social Policy

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