Professor Mary Maynard

BA, MA (York), PGCE (London)

  • Professor of Social Policy



Feminist theory and methodology; gender; race and ethnicity; age and ageing; women's studies

Brief Biography

When I first came to the University of York I lectured on a range of topics in the Department of Sociology. Then, for eleven years I was Director of the post-graduate Centre for Women's Studies, which involved teaching a range of subjects in relationship to gender, as well as a lot of administrative responsibilities. Amongst other things, this experience made me appreciate the importance of multi-disciplinary research. I am now a passionate advocate of collaboration across disciplines and of the intellectual benefits that such partnerships can produce.

I am still very much concerned with issues which are important for women and have recently transferred to the Social Policy section in order to be able to conduct more research on these and related matters. Currently, I am particularly interested in age and ageing, especially the extent to which this is experienced differently by women and men and the degree to which it is treated as a problematic, rather than an inevitable, stage in the life cycle. I am concerned that becoming elderly is regarded as always creating problems and that pleasures and possibilities are overlooked and obscured. One way in which I have explored these issues is in a small, collaborative project on widowhood.

My other sets of interest fall into three main areas. One relates to race, ethnicity and racism, which I regard as being of central significance to an analysis of gender, as well as to other social issues. I am also concerned about how social scientists go about generating knowledge, both in terms of the theories they construct and the research methods they use. My time in Women's Studies has convinced me that feminists have a lot to contribute to debates in these two areas. I also have a long-standing interest in violence towards women, particularly the implications of this for how we are to understand male behaviour and masculinities.


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Professor Mary Maynard

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