Professor Mike Stein

BA, App Soc St. (Hons); M.Phil (Leeds)

  • Emeritus Professor of Social Policy
  • Joint Co-ordinator of the Transitions from Care to Adulthood International Research group (INTRAC)


Areas of expertise

  • Young people leaving care including empirical, comparative and historical research
  • Neglected and maltreated teenagers
  • The Rights of young people living in and leaving care

Academic biography

I have had substantial experience of directing, supervising and carrying out research and evaluation. Awards from Research Councils, Government Departments, Local Authorities and National and international Charities have included: pioneering research on care leavers in the UK and internationally; neglected adolescents; safeguarding maltreated adolescents; through-care and after care in Scotland; street children; young runaways from home and care; mentoring for care leavers, and comparative research.

I have been involved in the preparation of Guidance for Leaving Care legislation in the UK.  I acted as the academic adviser to the Governments Quality Protects Research programme and was a member of the Laming Review on ‘keeping children in care out of trouble’ (2015-2016)

My current work includes acting as a research consultant to: Foundation on their Springboard Leaving Care project evaluation, and to the Children’s Society on their Adolescent Neglect Research programme. I have also been working with Children’s Services in improving pathway planning through staff training, and supporting a group of young care leavers in the development of a digital pathway plan.

I am currently a joint co-ordinator of the Transitions from Care to Adulthood International Research group (INTRAC) representing 17 countries and have worked with SOS Children’s Villages on pioneering research on leaving care in post-communist societies (16 countries).

Professional activities

  • Member of the UNICEF Children’s Rights Partners Advisory Group
  • Member of the Social Finance Steering Committee Leaving Care Analytics Hub
  • Member of the Professional Advisory Network for the Northern Ireland Care Pathways and Outcomes Study, funded by the ESRC
  • Member of the Laming Review on ‘Keeping Children in Care Out of Trouble’ (2014-2016)
  • Member of UNESCO global network on youth mentoring


Current research interests and projects

Research Consultancies

  • Consultant to the evaluation of Foundation’s Springboard 2 Leaving Care project, funded as part of the Big Lottery’s Youth in Focus programme (2016-2018)   
  • Member of Consultancy team to Focus Ireland on ‘leaving care’ (beginning 2017)•    Research consultant to the Children’s Society Adolescent Neglect research programme (2016-2017)   
  • Consultant to two projects, funded under the DFE Children’s Social Care innovation programme (2015-2016)

Research, scholarship and research networks   

  • Joint co-ordinator of the International Research Network on Transitions to Adulthood from Care (INTRAC) – 17 member countries   
  • Developing further comparative work on young people’s transitions from care to adulthood in European and post-communist Eastern European and Central Asian Societies (see Stein,2014) – data on 33 countries  
  • Developing further work on the history of the rights movement of young people in care and the history of leaving care




Leaving care

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Neglected and maltreated teenagers

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Mike Stein

Contact details

Professor Mike Stein
Emeritus Professor of Social Policy