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Emeritus and Honorary staff

Professor John Ditch


Professor Nina Biehal

Emeritus Professor

  • Family support
  • Adoption; foster care
  • Family reunification
Jonathan Bradshaw 

Professor Jonathan Bradshaw

Emeritus Professor

  • Poverty and social exclusion
  • Comparative research
  • Child well-being

Dr Sally Brooks

Honorary Fellow

  • Development studies
  • Technology and agrarian change
  • Environment and development
‌‌Marilyn Crawshaw

Dr Marilyn Crawshaw

Honorary Fellow 

  • Impact of donor assisted conception and surrogacy
  • Women and children in Uganda and Pakistan 
  • Young adult cancer experience
Professor John Ditch

Professor John S. Ditch

Honorary Professor

  • History of Social Policy
  • Comparative social security
  • Governance of public institutions
Janet Ford

Professor Janet Ford

Emeritus Professor

  • Problematic aspects of owner occupation
  • Mortgage arrears and possessions
  • Changing relationship between the housing and labour markets
Caroline Glendinning

Professor Caroline Glendinning

Emeritus Professor

  • Social services, paying for care
  • Older people
  • Disabled people
Michael Hirst

Dr Michael Hirst

Honorary Fellow

  • Unpaid caregiving
  • Social security, employment and disability
  • Bereavement
Professor John Hobcraft

Professor John Hobcraft

Emeritus Professor

  • Biomarkers and behaviour
  • Sexual and reproductive health and rights
  • Gender and generations
Professor Kathleen Keirnan Professor Kathleen Kiernan

Emeritus Professor  
  • Family environments and child well-being in the early years
  • Family change in developed societies
  • Life course analysis 

Juliet Koprowska

Honorary Fellow

  • Communication in social work
  • Applied conversation analysis
  • Systems theory and group work practice
Stefan Kuhner 

Professor Stefan Kühner

Honorary Fellow

  • Comparative and global social policy analysis
  • Social investment and productive welfare policy
  • Child well-being and benefit stigma
Dr Stuart Lowe 

Dr Stuart Lowe

Honorary Fellow

  • Housing policy
  • Comparative welfare states
  • Policy analysis
Gillian Parker 

Professor Gillian Parker

Emeritus Professor

  • Boundaries in the health and social care system
  • Models of health care 'closer to home'
  • Research and policy-making
Roy Sainsbury

Professor Roy Sainsbury

Emeritus Professor

  • Welfare reform and Universal Credit
  • Employment and disability
  • Comparative social policy
Professor Ian Shaw

Professor Ian Shaw

Emeritus Professor

  • Practice-research relationship
  • Qualitative methods
  • History of social work and sociology
Ian Sinclair 

Professor Ian Sinclair

Emeritus Professor

  • Foster care
  • Treatment foster care
  • Residential care for children
Mike Stein

Professor Mike Stein

Emeritus Professor

  • Young people leaving care including empirical, comparative and historical research
  • Neglected and maltreated teenagers
  • The history and rights of young people living in and leaving care
Becky Tunstall

Professor Rebecca Tunstall

Honorary Fellow

  • Social housing
  • Neighbourhoods
  • Inequality