Social Work Practice Educator Training

Pauline Ashworth, teaching fellow in the Department, in discussion with social work students

Practice educators play an important role in the education of new social workers, offering guidance and assessing students’ first-hand experiences of becoming a social worker. 

Become a practice educator with the knowledge and skills to support our future social workers 

Our training courses

We run two related training courses for registered social workers with at least two years’ postqualifying experience who wish to gain the necessary qualification to work as practice educators:

Our training will equip you with the knowledge, skills and approaches necessary to best support BA and MA social work students, and enable you to meet the HCPC requirement for a formal practice teaching qualification.  For each course there is the option to gain 30 credits at postgraduate level. 

You can complete the two courses serarately, each course carrying independently assessed work, or consecutively with a combined portfolio.You will have a student placed with you while you are enrolled on the course, as you cannot complete the course without relevant practice experience.

Stage 1 equips a practice educator to take students on their first placement (70 days).

Stage 2 equips a practice educator to take students on their final placement (100 days), and as an off-site practice educator.

Whilst you are training, a fully qualified (PE2) practice educator needs to be involved to support you, to ensure the quality of the placement and to contribute to the assessment of the student. With these arrangements in place, a PE in training can take responsibility for a student social worker in a placement. If a candidate training for Stage 1 has a final placement student, the qualified practice educator will have greater involvement in the student’s assessment.

Application and contacts

We welcome applications from the entire Yorkshire and Humberside region and beyond. See the 'How to apply' tab within the Stage 1 and Stage 2 course information pages. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Julie Harriss:

North Yorkshire County Council applicants should contact Emma Morgan ( or Janet Cox ( for more information about NYCC Practice Education courses accredited by the University of York.