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Funerary International

Funerary International is a new series of essential reference texts for international funerary activity. The series is edited by Dr Julie Rugg. 

Texts now available in the series:

J. Rugg and B. Parsons (2018) Funerary Practices in England and Wales, Emerald Publishing.

B. Mathijssen and C. Venhorst (2019) Funerary Practices in the Netherlands, Emerald Publishing.

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Rugg and Parsons Funerary International, Netherlands

About the series

Interested in publishing in this series?

Please contact Julie Rugg or Claire Jackson at Emerald Group Publishing for more information.

The study of mortality as an academic endeavour is rapidly expanding in scale and in disciplinary reach. Research is international and the established academic journals and conferences serve a global scholarly community. However, members of this community do not always communicate to each other basic facts about funerary practices in their home country, and these details are essential in order to set their research in context.

This book series remedies the absence of readily available contextual material by producing country-specific monographs – each no more than 50,000 words – including tables and images. Each book constitutes an essential reference text for funerary activity in the given country, by conforming to a broad standard set of questions. By following this structure, it becomes easier to effect direct comparison on – for example – demographics, legal frameworks, cultural diversity, professional practice, the role of the private sector’ and what constitutes a ‘typical’ funeral.

Two texts have now been published, and a further eight are in preparation.  

If you are interested in producing a text in this series, please contact the series editor for a book proposal form:

It will be possible, in the case of larger countries with devolved or federal regulatory systems, to prepare texts covering part of that country.

All texts are fully peer reviewed at proposal and at manuscript stage.